Teacher's Room


Belinda Mary Young / AA-178
Movies - I like romance, and dramatic movies..
Sports - Rugby Union, cricket, swimming, scuba diving
Walking - I love hiking. My husband and I walked across England last year to raise money for charity.
Reading books - I read so many books at university, I don't really read alot of anything else.
Travel - I love travelling. If you would like to take more of a look of where I have been,
please see my website www.getjealous.com/belindacreen (Creen - is my maiden name).
Music - I like easy listening and pop music. Coldplay, Crowded House.
Cooking - I love cooking Thai Food and italian.
I love ballet, musicals, photography and gardening.

I am available at any time. If I must specify, then evenings would be preferred.
As I realise most students will be wanting lessons before and after school or work, I am available at this time.

I enjoy talking to children.
Yes. I was a teacher for 5 years in Japan specialising in teaching children in Japan.

I love Japan !