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Arlene Billson / AA-210
A hobby I have had for a long time is jump roping, while listening to music.
I like sports, and being outdoors; I like to walk, and swim at the beach. I play the piano.
My other hobbies are reading and I enjoy art, and history.
Sometimes I enjoy going downtown Los Angeles with my daughter;
where we shop, eat, and meet people from all around the world.




Hello, my name is Arlene Billson.
I live in Whittier, California a wonderful little city that has a lot of charm with pleasant people.
I am a substitute teacher in the Whittier high schools and I love the diversity of students, and the different academic subjects I get to teach.

My family is very musical, in that we all play a musical instrument. I play the piano.
I also like to read, and go to art galleries or museums. Since I'm a history major, I like history, and geography.
I also like sports. My favorite sport is jump roping while listening to fast paced music.
I love to swim.

My favorite place is the beach, but being outdoors, hiking, or in the garden is also enjoyable.
I also like to go downtown Los Angeles with my daughter for the sights and sounds, to meet people from all over the world, and eat lunch.
I like to spend time with my family, my friends, play with my dogs, and go to the movies.

I look forward to being your chat-chan teacher!

thank you, domarigato
Arlene Billson