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Rachel_Burke / AA-222
Hobbies and Interests /Running, listening to music, playing video games

Hi! My name is Rachel Burke. I was born and raised in Southern California, and live to this day in Orange County, California. I really enjoy meeting new people all the time and love to learn about their past experiences and adventures as well as sharing my own. I am very fascinated by the Japanese culture and would love the share some of my own culture with anyone interested. I am on the cross country and track & field team for my school, so that means I love to run. Running is my passion. I love to go for a run and explore whenever I travel somewhere new because it helps me to understand the area so much better than if I were just traveling by car. I also enjoy listening to music and playing video games with my little brother.

I'm looking forward to our conversations together and hopefully we can learn a lot from each other :)