Teacher's Room


Melissa Lau / AA-238
( CA )
Hobby : Crafts, Cooking, Watching dramas


My name is Melissa and I am from the US.
To tell you more about myself, I am an university student majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology.

In my free time, I like to cook and try new recipes that I find on the Internet.
Personally, I love to learn new languages, but I am not confident in my foreign language skills either.
Therefore, I understand and empathize with your nervousness in conversing in a language you are not confident in.
Of course, I am most fluent in English, but I have also learned Cantonese, Mandarin, and Korean.
I hope to start learning Japanese within the end of this year. Because I also love to travel to new places around the world, I studied abroad in Hong Kong last year.

One of the pictures shows me with my new friends in Hong Kong, enjoying the food and shopping.
I loved it!

I am interested and excited to get to know you. I hope to meet and talk
with you soon!