Teacher's Room


Tiffany Hsueh / AA-246
( CA )
Hobby : IMusic, karaoke, philosophy, Japanese entertainment, delicious food, baking, art


I am a university student from Southern California. In addition to English,
I can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese (5 years of study).
My best childhood memories include watching Ghibli films, ちびまるこちゃん、名探偵コナン、and other cartoons.

Having cross-cultural conversations is one of my greatest passions! It is fun to meet different people and learn about other cultures and languages.
I have many friends who are foreign exchange students, and it always makes me happy when I can help them practice English.

A little more about me − I love music and believe that handmade is happiness. I play the piano and violin, and enjoy classical music (fan of 久石譲さん and のだめカンタービレ).
I also like listening to a variety of Japanese music (90年代の名曲、アニソン、J-POP など).

My hobby is to bake, crochet, and make gifts for my friends and family to reflect my love for them.

I am excited to meet you and hope to talk to you soon!