Teacher's Room


Ariel E. Reyes / AA-259
( CA )
Hobby: Filmmaking, dancing, skydiving, Hanging out with friend

Hi I'm Ariel.
I am 20 years old and a film major at the University of California, Riverside. I am a filmmaker and I am a projectionist for the Media and Film department here at UCR. Currently I am working at getting my skydive license to jump alone. In my spare time I like to watch TV, hang out with friends, listen to music, skydive and dance. I am also an English tutor for first year students here at UCR. I am originally from Los Angeles and I return there every summer to stay with my family.

The photographs I am including are of me and my best friends. The solo one, is me this past with Tegucigalpa Honduras as the background. The other two are my best friends.