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Cheyenne Bertiloni USA / AA021
Scuba diving, martial arts, and yoga

This me, at the beach

This is me, coming out of the ocean

Hi, my name is Cheyenne Bertiloni. I'm 43 years old. I live in Santa Monica, California with my beautiful wife Judy Trang and our son Brian. We live very close to the beach. I love spending time with Judy and Brian. We have a beautiful 125 gallon salt water fish tank in our home.

I am currently no longer working, due to an illness. I have Lou Gehrigs disease, also known as ALS. God comes first in my life and I am a walking testimony that miracles do happen, with faith and positive thinking.

I studied martial arts for 17 years, and am now doing yoga and Tai Chi. There is so much to do here in California. I enjoy scuba diving, surfing, camping, and snow boarding. I like going to the movies, shopping, and reading at Barnes and Noble book store.

I love talking to other people, and I look forward to chatting with you.

Judy at the beach

My wife Judy

Judy and I