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Veronica Garcia/ AA-276
( CA )
Hobby: I like to go out with friends, watch movies, play sports specifically play volleyball and soccer, i enjoy charchoal sketching, scrapbooking, hiking, photography, traveling, reading, watching movies, video games, swiming and anime.

My name is Veronica Garcia. I am 20 years old and currently a student in University. I'm an outgoing, curious and an open-minded person. I am studying Sociology with an emphasis in Law and Society.
I live in California and love to be outside.  I like to swim, hike, bike and play volleyball (although i may not be very good at it).  I also like artsy/ nerdy stuff like sketching, scrapbooking and anime and reading. 
I hope to travel everywhere soon so i look forward to learning about other cultures and places through your eyes and hopefully I can provide the same.
I look forward to meeting you!