Teacher's Room


Curtis J. Barber / AA-285
( CA )
Hobby: Rock Climbing, Ultimate Frisbee, Camping (outdoor activities in general),
love watching movies, traveling whether in country or international enjoy both very much

My name is Curtis Barber and I am a Senior at the University of California Riverside, and studying to obtain a degree in Neuroscience, and Minor in History.

I am involved in several on campus clubs, one in particular is Global Medical Brigades in which we put together trips to both Ghana and Honduras for students to attend during which they work with the people in the area  giving them medical aid as well as teaching them the basics of how to have a more sanitary life style as well healthier living.

This is something that I enjoy doing very much and would like to continue even after I finish school. I not only serving people however I can, but enjoy interacting with many new cultures all over the world.
Whether it be in Brasil, Honduras or Japan I enjoy interacting with the new cultures that I discover as well as all the wonderful new people that I have the opportunity to meet. 

Traveling is a great passion of mine, not just because of the new places I see, but largely due to the new people that I meet, and the relationships that I make with them, knowing that some of them will last a lifetime, but all of them will be unforgettable.

I hope that I have the opportunity to work with you, not only to learn English, but to get to know you as a person.