Teacher's Room


Lauren Pena/ AA-289
( CA )
Hobby: Fishing, Swimming, Kayaking and Hiking are hobbies

My name is Lauren, and I live in Southern California.
I am a fourth year student at the University California, at Riverside.
My major is Economics/Law and Society.
I am preparing to apply to other schools for my Maters program.
The University has introduced me to wonderful people of all cultures and backgrounds.I enjoy being in the outdoors!
Fishing, Swimming, Kayaking and Hiking are hobbies that I enjoy.
In my spare time I love to dance and work out in my University gym. I like to host big dinners, where I can cook for my loved ones and friends.

I have always had an interest in the English Language, it has been my strongest subject for many years.
Tutoring people has always been something that I enjoy. I will be patient, kind, effective with the method of teaching English.
If you choose me to be your teacher, I will break down each word and encourage you to take your time inpronunciationas well as learning the context of each word.