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Divya Prabhu / AA024

Travel, reading, music, and playing the piano


.My name is Divya and I live in Melbourne, Australia where am pursuing a Masters degree in Human Resource Management. I am originally from India but spent my childhood in Malta which is a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. I have also lived and studied in the Philippines and in India for a couple of years.

I love travellling and have travelled to many countries! My most fun trips were to Bangkok with two of my best friends and Switzerland with my family where I got to go mountain climbing in the Alps! I have 2 dogs back home in India and one is just a 3 month old puppy named Trixie who looks like an adorable ball of fur:)

I love reading all kinds of books and I also love music and have learnt to play the piano for over 10 years! I love children especially since I have a 13yr old sister whom I adore!!! I'm sure we will get along great so I look forward to chatting n becoming friends with you ......Divya

Me and my siste Chiara