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Jesse Hawkins USA / AA034

Music, photography, singing, drawing, anime, church theatre, and going to the beach

Hey there,

My name is Jesse Hawkins and I go to school in Costa Mesa, CA (about an hour south of Los Angeles in Orange County). I'm 20 years old and am going to Vanguard University of Southern California for Music and Worship Arts. My school is about 4 miles away from the ocean, so in my free time I usually like to go to the beach, hang out with my brother, or sing. I also like church, theater, photography (both taking pictures and editing them), anime, and drawing, but my true passion is music. I hope to one day become a Christian recording artist. I took two years of Japanese in high school and loved it (even though I was pretty bad at it). I've always been very fascinated in the culture. I would love to help you learn, but I would also love to learn from you as well.

I'm really looking forward to meeting and talking with you! :)