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Joseph Highcove USA / AA027
Walking, Sudoku and chess puzzles, video games, and science fiction

This is me.

My name is Joe Highcove. I am semi-retired and live with my wife and our family dog in Woodland Hills, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. We have three children, all grown, who live in other areas of California. I had a long career in Information Technology after a brief tour in the United State Air Force. I have also worked as a financial advisor and stock broker, and had my own IT business partnership for more than 20 years.

During our children early years, I was a soccer coach and referee, and scoutmaster for about 7 years. I backpacked through the Grand Canyon and canoed the Colorado River while a scout leader.

Currently, my wife and I walk our dog an average of 5 miles a day. We also work out at a private gym three times a week, using treadmills and resistance machines. My wife is a freelance writer and editor, and publishes a monthly newsletter for the local chapter of the California Writers Club. She does daily crossword puzzles, while I do Sudoku puzzles and weekly chess puzzles. I am also the only one of my age group (67) who will admit to playing video games. Both my wife and I have had a life-long interest in SCIFI.

I enjoy chatting with students since they are the only ones most concerned with current popular culture, which older citizens often miss in their busy daily lives.

My wife and I, with our dog
My dog and I