Teacher's Room


Maria Espina / AA053

Reading, playing board games, hanging out with friends, and
eating foods like pasta, dimsum, and sushi

This is me.

Downtown Toronto


My name's Maria and I am presently studying history and religion. When I graduate, I plan to take up a masters degree so I can teach children or high school students. I am also thinking of working in a museum or a library.

I love playing board games with my friends, or just hanging out with them and talking until the break of dawn. I also love working with children and I am currently part of a ministry that teaches them. I also plan to volunteer for a homework club next year where I will be helping elementary and high school students with their assignments from school. I love reading books on my spare time, and eating, like pasta, dimsum, and the sushi and maki in the picture. I also love sleeping and can sleep for 12 hours straight and sitting by the lake listening to my ipod while my brothers go play in the playground nearby.

I am very excited to talk and chat with you, to learn more about your culture, and to help you converse in English. Looking forward to meeting you,


Sushi and maki