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Nikhil DSouzaa AU / AA026
Basketball, snooker/pool, hockey, theatre, travel, and learning about new cultures


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Hi there,

I am currently pursuing a Masters in Financial Management at the University of Melbourne. I am passionate about Music, Sports, Theater and the Outdoors. I love the ocean and all kinds of water sports. Sports are my life. I enjoy all kinds of sport but my favorites have to basketball, snooker/pool and hockey. I was part of a professional theatre group, and particularly loved Theater, as one needs to play different roles and understand the psychological complexities of different characters. By this, I have been able to interact with a number of individuals, from different cultural backgrounds. Language is often seen as a barrier to communication, but I firmly believe that barriers are like rules- They are meant to be broken.

I also love traveling to new countries and like learning about different cultures. I have also worked in London, where I had the most exhilarating experience ever. I was able to interact with a diversified workforce which I feel contributed a great deal to both, the physical development of individuals as well as the companies

Being blessed with a high tolerance level, I feel that I will be able to tutor students improve their English and communicative skills. Moreover, I understand that different students have different needs and hence tailor the requirements accordingly. I also welcome constructive criticism, so that I am also able to better both, myself as well as you.

Nikhil DSouza