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Ryan Oh CANADA / AA040
Hockey, tennis, travel, reading, singing, and philanthropic work

This is me summer of 2008, with a nice, fresh haircut.

This is me winter of 2009, at Eaton's Shopping Center.

My name is Ryan Oh, and I am presently studying Human Biology at the University of Toronto. With my degree, I wish to become a dental surgeon for 5 years, then retire and pursue my vision as an entrepreneur. I am a very calm, collected and friendly person who enjoys a diverse range of activities. My favorite activities include philanthropic work, hockey and tennis, traveling, reading and singing. My two biggest talents lie in the category of visual arts and singing.

I was born in Canada in 1990, and my parents were both born in Korea, thus making me a Korean-Canadian. I am fluent in both Korean and English, and to further improve my speaking and writing skills, I watch many Korean dramas and television programs.

I have tutored many students in the past, so I hope that I make this a fun, educational and experiential time for all you wonderful Japanese students ^_^.