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Betty Beevers / AA111

Animals, travel, reading, spending time with my family,
meeting new friends, and playing with my pets

My husband and I

My husband and I with our daughters

Hi there

My name is Betty. I am retired and recently moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from Toronto, Canada. I live between the towns of Bucerias and La Cruz by the Pacific Ocean. I have three adult daughters who live back home in Canada. One of my daughters, Cathie, is also a Chat-Chan teacher.

Animals are my passion. My husband and I have two rescue greyhound dogs. Dukie is an Italian Greyhound. Penny is a Whippet. They are both very gentle. We rescued a Mexican cat. His name is Tigrillo which means 'little tiger' in Spanish. He is a very friendly cat that thinks he is a dog. They love to sleep on our bed.

I like to travel. We have been to many exciting places. I swim every day in our pool and exercise daily. I enjoy reading, watching television and playing with my pets. I love spending time with my family and new friends we have made down in Mexico.

I am excited to meet you!!!


Our pets Dukie, Penny, and Tigrillo.

Local scenery, a palm tree.

Local scenery, a sunset.