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Yoon Meng AU / AA022
Reading, walking, photography, researching the Internet,
travel, and exploring new places

This is me.


My name is Yoon Meng. I'm from a beautiful hill city in Malaysia called Ipoh. 50 years ago, my hometown was the busiest tin mining area in the World. Now it is just a quiet and peaceful city surrounded by ancient limestone hills. I've spent most of my life growing up in Ipoh, but eventually my pursue for a career in Architecture led me elsewhere. And now I'm studying at the University of Melbourne.

Life in Melbourne is great! Although I'm still studying at university, I still work part-time as a designer and I also work at cafes and restaurants. Once a week I will watch a film with the Melbourne University Film Society. And I also practice Salsa dance with the Melbourne Salsa Dance Foundation.

In my spare time, I have various hobbies. If I feel like staying at home, then I will read a good book, or do some personal research on the internet about things that I'm curious about. If I feel like going out, I will walk around the city to explore new things and to do some photography. And if I'm feeling very excited and long for some adventure, I will travel to some place that I have never been to just to experience it.

Anyway, I hope to speak to you soon. And I wish you all the best in improving your conversational English.

Yoon Meng

Victoria State Library

Melbourne Central