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Michael Tran AU / AA064
Comedy movies, swimming, and waterpolo

With Whith my nephew in Vietnam!.

Dear all,

My name is Michael Tran. I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently studying Arts at the University of Melbourne, studying both French and German in my degree. I've also spent six years intensively studying Indonesian so I'm certainly passionate about foreign language learning.

In addition to study, I've worked with young children at a Junior School here in Melbourne, a job which has taught me a lot of patience but, fortunately, has also been incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. That's exactly what I hope to get out of these lessons - an enjoyable, rewarding (and productive!) experience for the both of us.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Best regards,

This is me, in a park near my house.

Melb university' : a photo from my university

Botanical gardens' : my favourite place in Melbourne