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Starr Corpuz / AA144
Sci-fi and action movies, reading books, travel, exploring new places, and trying new cuisines.

Me and a huge bowl of Nasi Goreng, Bridgewood, Melbourne, Australia

Me and my boyfriend Neil.

Hello, I'm Starr!

I'm currently residing in Australia and taking Masters of Global Media Communication at the University of Melbourne.
I love travelling and the best part of it is trying new cuisines and exploring places that are out there. I'm also into films, specifically sci-fi, action and sometimes the cheesy ones.

I love reading books and adores authors like Neil Gaiman for his originality, Lian Hearn for her fantastic magic realism pieces, and J.K. Rowling for her mature writing of Harry Potter series.

My guilty pleasure is shopping for clothes and make-up.
Learning English is a breeze if you have the passion and perseverance.

I can't wait to meet all of you and I'm looking forward to a beneficial and fun chat sessions.


Skyline from Southgate, Melbourne, Australia