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Gabrielle Buckle / AA149
Reading, playing the flute, listening to music and watching movies.

Picture of me after my high school formal

My cat, Eadie

A street near my house in Melbourne


My name is Gabrielle but everyone calls me Gabby. I'm 20 years old and I am currently studying Music at the University of Melbourne, Australia. My main instrument is the flute but I also play piano and guitar for fun. I am specialising in instrumental teaching, which is very interesting.

I like animals and I love my pet cat, Eadie (even though she likes my dad more).

I love reading, listening to all kinds of music and laughing with my friends. I also really enjoy watching Japanese TV dramas but I have to watch them with English subtitles!

The city of Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs are full of great restaurants and every few weeks I go out with friends to try and find new cheap and delicious places to eat. We recently found a Japanese restaurant near my house that serves great Oyakodon, Oishii!

I look forward to talking with you!


Me and my friends on a holiday - I'm up the top on the left