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Leon Chen / AA148
Playing the guitar (both electric and acoustic),
reading great literature, and watching great movies.

Me (left) at graduation with my friend Desmond

With close friends at ceremony

My name is Leon Chen, I am about to be a senior Business Economics and Psychology student at UCLA. My hometown is Cupertino, CA (that's where the headquarters for Apple are located), and I aspire to have a career in business and banking. Why? Because I believe business is a competition of ideas, and the best/most creative ones win. I think I have decent creativity, and my psychology studies help me to carry them out to maximum efficiency!

In my spare time I am involved with a lot of organizations on campus, and have taken leadership roles in the past to carry forth events of my vision to UCLA students. If there was one thing that I took away from college that I truly enjoyed, it is in the culmination of a successful event, when all the variables fall into place.

My hobbies are playing the guitar (electric and acoustic both), reading great literature and watching lots of movies; and if I didn't have to worry about money at all I would like to be a teacher, because I feel its the most rewarding profession.

My favorite movie is TRAINING DAY, favorite types of music are Hip Hop and electronic music (but I do enjoy great artists from any genre). Favorite type of food is THAI food (all the spices! Yum!).

This is all that I can think of as a brief introduction, I've attached some pictures so you can get an idea of what I look like/what I do for fun!

Best of luck,
Leon Chen

Before performing at an end of year banquet