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Phat_Luong / AA152
Games, action and historical movies, travel, and making new friends.

Hi there!

My name is Phat Luong (PAT LONG).
I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I am 21, and am going to the University of Regina.
I am studying Accounting and Economic minor.
I used to live in a home stay and made friends with lot of Japanese students.
I am very outgoing and a bit of a traveler.
I am fun and social. I love Japanese manga and anime.
My Favorite manga is GTO!
I spent some time traveling all over Canada from coast to coast.
My goal is to find the most beautiful place, the one place that will move my heart.
After graduate from university, I will definitely go to on a road trip. My destination this time will be the world.
If you like to explore more about Canada please chat with me.
I would be very happy to share your ideas and comments about Canada.