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Geraldi Tellys Lie Australia / AA 166

Photography, games, movies, Japanese anime and manga,
going to the beach, going to the library, and eating out with friends.

This is me.

My friends and I at the Shrine of Remembrance.
I am on the far right.

Melbourne skyline - Great Duck Race.

Melbourne University


My name is Geraldi Tellys Lie, but you can just call me Geraldi. I am currently a second-year architecture student at the University of Melbourne. I am originally from Indonesia, where most of my high school years were spent. It turns out that my decision to go to Melbourne is very rewarding. It is a city with a vibrant life offering dozens of activities. Even though it is still not a match for my hometown in terms of food, in terms of social life, it is really colorful. It's always an easy stroll out to find a cafe or a pub as they are literally in every corner of the street. Clubbing here is also great, I enjoy listening to the DJ's and watch the crowd dancing the night away (of course I dance along too).

In summer, a 20-25 minute tram ride will take you to the nearest beach, called St. Kilda. In winter, it's the turn of skiing season in the nearby resorts. I personally think autumn is the best season to enjoy Melbourne (it's around Feb to May), because that's when the weather and the color are the nicest! In my spare time, I also visit the local library to read some magazines or call my friends for eating out. My other interests include photography (amateur), games (who doesn't love games anyway?) and watching movies. I uploaded some pictures of me and my friends and Melbourne to give you a hint in how it feels like to live here.

I've just been to Japan last December so my memories of your country are still fresh. I visited Tokyo, Osaka and Nara, and just as I had expected, the visits were worth my time. I particularly love the food, takoyaki from Osaka! I am also a big fan of Japanese anime and manga. I have a collection of Gundams back in my hometown. Lately, I've got to know some Japanese musics from Youtube. The rappers like M-flo and Zeebra are simply awesome. Well, I think that's enough from me now. I'd be pleased to get to know you!


Architecture students. I am the 3rd from the right.

Me (far right) and my friends at the Royal Botanical Garden.