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Sharon Wong
AU / AA186

Outside_minnie_mouse's house_in_tokyo disneyland


my name is Sharon and I live in Melbourne Australia. I grew up in Singapore but have spent a great deal of my life in Australia since arriving to pursue my studies. I recently graduated from the University of Melbourne in August.

I was first introduced to Japan by my good friend who is half Japanese. However my interest in Japanese culture and language has expanded after I spent a year in Tokyo on exchange at Sophia University. Ever since then, I have been back to Japan numerous times and my most recent trip included a visit to Hokkaido.

I enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures as well as exploring new places. I love good food and possess a sweet tooth. I also like winding down to music while curling up to read. The photos here include some of the famous places in Australia like the Twelve Apostles, Grampians and Byron Bay. I have also included a picture of myself at Tokyo Disneyland, my friends wedding and my graduation.

I hope we can learn from each other and am looking forward to building lasting friendships through conversations in the Chat-Chan program!

宜しくお願いします (^_^)v


Novia_and_i_at_byron bay

Graduation_at_south lawn


The_balconies_in grampians

the_balconies_in grampians